Established in 1973, Biele Group has been committed to the development of the automation equipment and lines for companies of all sectors. And has consolidated its leadership becoming the European reference in the automation of industrial processes.

In order to offer specialized and more efficient services, Biele Group is organized into four divisions, developing specific solutions for companies of different industrial fields: Biele Wood, Biele Metal, Biele Building and Biele Automotive.

Biele Group is made up of 5 companies: Biele (the parent company of the group), Marzola (specialized in the design and and manufacture of hydraulic presses), Biele Robotics & Artificial Vision, Biele USA and Biele China units.

Thereby, we provide a complete integrated service, offering an integral solution for all industrial needs and ensuring maximum operational efficiency of production processes.

Our experience and technological capabilities, our firm commitment to innovation and our divisional structure, enable us to offer all-round technological solutions for all sectors of industry.

In our production plants, we design, manufacture and arrange for the provision of solutions that extraordinarily improves flexibility, efficiency and reliability of production processes, saving costs and increasing productivity, while minimizing occupational accident hazards.

We always work in close co-operation with our customers, listening to them and advising them. This enables us to produce projects perfectly suited to their needs: customized automation systems which can increase highly their productivity and optimize their production costs.

All of this with first class quality certified and guaranteed by our customers and with the assurance that only the European specialist in process automation can provide. A leader. Biele.



Head Office
Larrañaga Industrialdea, 1
20.738 Urrestilla, Azpeitia
Gipuzkoa (Spain)
Tel.: +34 943 15 70 50


Pol. Ind. Lentiscares
c/ Jardines s/n
26.370 Navarrete
La Rioja (Spain)
Tel.: +34 941 44 03 33


Biele USA
2030 Powers Ferry Road
Suite 228
Atlanta, GA 30339 (USA)
Phone: +1 404 436 5292


103, Building A1
756 Kun Tai Road, Kunshan
215300 Jiangshu Province (China)
Tel.: +86 159 210 26430


Biele R&V
Larrañaga Industrialdea, 1
20.738 Urrestilla, Azpeitia
Gipuzkoa (Spain)
Tel.: +34 943 15 70 50

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