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Customised Solutions based on Marzola Hydraulic Presses

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As experts in the manufacturing and installation of large industrial presses, in Marzola Industrial division, we havedesigned customised solutions for both individual machines and complete automated lines for any turnkey pressing process since 1851. The integration of the press system with specific loading and unloading equipment and remote data management, ensure full control of the process and hence total optimisation of your activity.

To that end, we design robust and accurate machines, incorporating them into your production line to improve productivity and efficiency in the sectors in which we have specialised since the beginning.


Automotive interiors
Soundproofing & Insulating Panels for Doors & Ceilings
Cylinder Head Gaskets
Brake Pads & Linings
Rubber – Metal Seals
Non – Slip Flooring


Rubber Sheets & Large Rubber Parts
EVA foam Products & Microporous Rubber
Several Neolite applications
Roller Lining & other metals
Conveyor Belts
Polyurethane foam pieces
Rubber Tiles & other recycled materials
Composite Manufacturing through Compression


For more information, please contact marzola@marzola.es
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