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Marzola, a leading manufacturer of Wine Machinery and Equipment for Wineries

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>> Article published at Food Processing Magazine.

Nowadays, it is hard to find companies that have been active for more than 160 years, the result of constant renovation, with the purpose of catering to the current needs of the market, thanks to the know-how acquired from the experience of over a century and a half in operation. Marzola specializes in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of machinery and equipment for wineries. The company was established in 1851 and has helped the wine-producing sector grow ever since by adding value and supporting wineries, promoting and collaborating in the technological development and innovation of some of the most important wineries in the world.

We offer a full range of equipment and systems for all wine production processes, from the supply of top-performing, cutting-edge grape reception and pressing machinery to the preparation of engineering projects. We offer global solutions that are fully adapted to each wine-making campaign. We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions for each project. Robust, reliable and powerful technology.

Over a century and a half operating in the sector is proof of the company’s strength and of the trust of winery professionals in our products and services. We have been present during this time, learning and growing every day, committed to the improvement of quality and innovation, with the purpose of providing a response to the needs of the wine-producing sector. According to our commitment to delivering a quality service and global solutions to the wine production processes, we are constantly growing, in accordance with our international expansion strategy. Our goal is to cater to the characteristics of each region, offering solutions to the cellars on the five continents, promoting and collaborating with them in our commitment to their innovation and technological development.

Two of our flagship products are the Basket Press, designed according to the traditional processes followed to press grapes, which then ferment to produce premium wines, and the Progressive Draining Press (PDP), applying a technology that prevents mass from returning into the containers during the pressing operations.



The pressed wine extracted from vertical press systems is known for having a premium quality when compared to the wine produced with all other pressing processes.

Vertical press systems require additional workers and the pressing yield compared to other systems is much lower, but the result is a much higher quality of the wines produced.

In ancient times, vertical pressing systems were mainly used to press the red grape pomace fermenting in the fermentation barrels. Nowadays, fresh white grapes can also be pressed.

Vertical presses are designed with many different dimensions, according to the pressing volume and their pressing programs. Achieving the perfect balance between all of these parameters is vital (diameter and height of the tank, transport around the winery, ergonomics, appearance, pressing program flexibility), as required to cater to the needs of any production process. Marzola has achieved this by offering the perfect pressing machinery to wineries, which can handle and process the quality of its harvests.

The main benefits of Marzola’s vertical press system are

>> Absence of pumping procedures, as required to transport grapes to the press: The vat or container can be moved the tank or reception equipment with the use of gravity loading systems, which ensure that the grape is not subject to pressure, as in the case of pumping systems used to transport grapes.

>>Pressing without the movement of mass: The grape is not turned over and/or shredded during the pressing cycle, so the grape juice comes out clearer than in other processes.

>>Filtering the wine obtained directly from the grape, producing a clearer and cleaner grape juice.

>>Pressing programs developed as a result of years of experience in the sector and tailor-made for vertical press systems, achieving the highest yield and quality of the grape juice.

>>Absence of pressed pomace extraction elements: The tray with the pressed grapes is transported to the pomace area of the winery, with no need to use other machinery, such as conveyor belts, auger conveyors or redlers that take up space inside the winery facilities. Therefore, the facility is aesthetically pleasing and clean, clearing up space and producing an area that can be shown to and enjoyed by customers.

Marzola offers its customers the possibility of installing a modem for establishing the online connection between Marzola  and the winery for the remote maintenance of the machines, modification of programs, fault control, etc., with no need for Marzola’s technicians to visit the winery facilities.

The winery can record all operating parameters such as the pressing parameters, times, pressures, etc., which can then be stored and analyzed internally, connecting the press with its computer systems.



Wine-producing areas with high production volumes (mainly white grapes) require machines that can process a high volume of grapes with continuous-processing systems to speed up the reception of the harvested grapes at the winery.

The traditional press is known as the “rack-and-frame press”, which was responsible for pressing grapes, but it had many limitations and problems.

>> Iron elements in contact with the grape, requiring Epoxy finishes to protect them against rust, which added undesired elements to the grape juice.

>> Clover-shaped screw conveyors and anti-return elements to prevent the mass from returning to the reception chamber. These elements had a destructive and negative impact on the process.

>> Steel Screw Conveyor, sitting on the pressing vat. The friction on this support not only crushed and mashed the grapes, but there was also a progressive wear, which introduced some elements into the wine and reduced the yield and efficacy of the pressing systems, due to the increased clearance space between the Rotor (Screw conveyor) and Stator (Vat).

>> High operating pressures, generally with no control over the pressure adjustment, obtaining wines with undesired characteristics.

The Progressive Draining Press (PDP) has managed to change the negative perception about continuous-pressing systems.

It progressively presses the grapes after they are loaded (Zero Pressure), reaching a maximum pressure, which can be programmed and adjusted. The continuous-processing systems allows the winery to produce grape juice of different qualities.

Main characteristics of Marzola’s Progressive Draining Presses:

>> All elements in contact with grapes are made out of AISI 304 Stainless Steel.

>> The screw conveyor (rotor) does not touch the vat (stator), since it is supported on a frame, reducing the wear between elements to the bare minimum thanks to the absence of friction, with a concentric movement between the rotor and stator, and a greater degree of adjustment between both elements to ensure there is no clearance, which translates into a higher process yield.

>> Absence of anti-return elements and clover-shaped screw conveyors: With the new screw conveyor design, there is no friction and no mass anti-return elements are installed, achieving higher quality levels and production yields.

>> Flexibility and ease of programming of the pressing parameters, achieving the optimum operating pressures and production yields.

>> Obtaining grape juice with a quality that is similar to that obtained with pneumatic press systems, but with the added benefit of applying continuous production processes, which prevents interruptions in the operation of the reception assembly.

Marzola also offers its customers a remote maintenance service for its machines, with an online connection between the company and the winery, as in the case of the vertical press. Therefore, the system is computerized and all operating parameters can be recorded and analyzed by the winery, without the need for our technicians to visit the winery’s facilities.

Thanks to the know-how acquired during all of these years, Marzola is a leading company in the wine-producing sector, specializing in the manufacturing of machinery adapted to current times, with a constant growth and a firm commitment to expand internationally, with the guarantees and support of the Biele Group.

For more information, please contact marzola@marzola.es

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