Punch-Down System

Punch-Down System for the Wine industry

Autonomous and wireless motor system with movement control via remote joystick.

Movement capacity to reach any point of the deposit with the chuck plate.

Geometry adapted for displacement on deposits.

♦ Manufactured entirely in stainless steel.

Hydraulic equipment with proportional valves, with the possibility of adjusting speeds and pressures in each movement.

System for remount the wine integrated in the structure.

Remounting capacity prior to the punching zone.

Customizable fairings with the client’s signature.

Remote connection via Wi-Fi for maintenance and adjustment functions.

Components with IP65 and anti-corrosion treatments.

Batteries with increased charge to allow extra autonomy.

High performance main cylinder with power up to 4TM and 1550mm stroke.

Removable structure fixing system.

Operation with grape seed oil (non-contaminating).

10 “screen with cycle data display.

Manual or automatic control of the equipment.

Complete security system to prevent access to the interior of the equipment.

Possibility of configuring automatic cycles by entering parameters on the screen.

Possibility of adapting dimensions and characteristics to the geometry of each deposit.

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