Progressive Draining Dejuicers – PDD


Machines designed to extract the free must before reaching the press.

The applied technology is the same as in the pressing (See Progressive Draining Presses).


DAP 900


♦ Built entirely out of Stainless Steel AISI 304.

♦ Tilted frame tray, in one piece.

♦ Feeder at the top and high harvest outlet.

♦ Feed chamber with perforated sheet metal enclosures.

♦ Drainage and compression chamber formed by 4 mm sheet metal, with deformable longitudinal grooves.

♦ Drained harvest outlet brake cap located at the end of the compression chamber, driven by double-acting pneumatic cylinder.

♦ Large and regular size helix that introduces the harvest in the compression pre-chamber and chamber.

Electronic speed control.

♦ Three-dimensional valve that acts as support to the rotor as well as non-return valve.

♦ Electrical equipment on moveable base.

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