Progressive Draining Presses – PDP


When vinifying premium wines in large wineries, the pressing is without a doubt one of the most difficult processes to manage, especially for the amount of product that has to be processed in such a short time period without sacrificing any quality from the final product.

The Progressive Draining Press (PDP) is the culmination of many years of experience and investigation of the pressing processes in a continuous system.


Therefore, the PDP has become an essential tool for all the large wineries in the world.

In the Distilleries Model the power and resistance of the reducer have been increased, while the whole machine has been redesigned to suit the characteristics of the product.


PAP 500 / PAP 1000v / PAP 1000a


Wine (w) – Distillery (d)


♦ Completely built in Stainless Steel AISI 304.

♦ Pressing process in a continuous system. Advantages:
» Progressive extraction of the must, with quality selection.
» Maximum speed in separating the solid parts from the liquid, therefore reducing oxidations and unpleasant odours, without tearing the solid parts.
» Easy installation, higher performance schedule, etc.

♦ Compression pre-chamber and chamber, giving different levels of pressure. All of them are variable and adjustable via the touch screen.

♦ Acces to the gearbox by folding doors. More secure and reliable transmission using large gears.

Large diameter helix with a detector for the control and regulation of the helical rotations that are desired for the varying depletion of the grape.

♦ Optimal adjustment between the helix and the basket, without the parts touching one another, this way avoiding premature wear and seizures.

♦ Three-dimensional valve: Elimination of the mobile backstop, cancelling one of the principle causes of breakdowns and increasing the quality of the musts.

♦ Possibility of working at different levels of pressure and speed, allowing the adjustment of the press to any grape variety and vintage, always obtaining a high performance.

♦ Hydraulic control system with hydraulic motor and  variable flow pump.

♦ Easy cleaning and low maintenance.

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