Pneumatic Presses


Our pneumatic presses are specially designed to press in a soft and delicate way, at low pressure, so that the grape seeds do not break, thus avoiding herbaceous aromas and flavors, thus controlling the degree of acidity.

We offer sizes and models that adapt to the needs of each winery and we present a special feeder, pressing tank and programming design, vital parameters for a good press.


N 10 / N 25 / N 50 / N 100 / N 150 / N 250 / N 350 / N 450 / N 620


Open / Closed / Inert Atmosphere ‘Sinox’


♦ Axial or door loading.
♦ Monitored pressing stages.
♦ Programmable press cycles.
♦ Complete unload of mash.
♦ Automatic cleaning.

Marzola membrane presses have been designed to suit all types of grape and the needs of each winery. All the programs are prepared so that they can be customized in all its phases, according to the criteria of the client.


♦ Remote maintenance of the machine via Modem or Internet.
♦ SCADA system for the control and adquisition of data of harvest.
♦ Load Quantity Control (LQC).
♦ Selection of the musts.
♦ Weigh cell load control.
♦ Lifting supports.


♦ AXIAL FILLING: Large diameter pipe for a smooth and slow conduction, with no sudden changes in direction nor strangulations. Equipped with security systems for over-pressure.

♦ DOORS: Airtight with pneumatic control. Automatic movement stopping in any point.

LATERAL MEMBRANE: Alimentary grade, heavy-duty membrane.

DRAINAGE: Truncated channels with large surface area and flow filter during the pressing, facilitating the outflow of the musts. In large sizes with double collector to improve must evacuation.

♦ OPEN TANK (Perforated): Perforated tank and larger drainage area.

♦ SINOX: Possibility to work in an inert atmosphere.

♦ TRANSMISSION: Motor reducer geared on guides for the tensioning of the chain of drag and rotation of the drum.

♦ CLEANING SYSTEM: Automatically programmable system by injection of water – air.

CONTROL PANEL: Incorporated colour tactile screen for the programming of the work parameters and machine monitoring. Moveable in the models N 100, N 150, N 250, N 350, N 450 and N 620.

♦ LOAD QUANTITY CONTROL (LQC): The presses can be equipped with a weight and flow measuring system for programming the quantity of grape that will be loaded. When the sum of the weight of the grape and the drained must (by density) reaches the desired level, the automaton emits an electrical signal that allows the load to be stopped. Option valid in the models N 100, N 150, N 250, N 350, N 450 and N 620.

♦ PNEUMATIC EQUIPMENT AND ELECTRICAL CUPBOARD in the models  N 100, N 150, N 250, N 350, N 450 and N 620: Electric cabinet with movable control panel. Pneumatic equipment installed with great amplitude for access and maintenance, with three outputs for the selection of the quality of the musts.

♦ PNEUMATIC AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT for the models N 10, N 25 and N 50: With built-in control panel in electrical desk.

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