Basket Presses PHV

Basket Press PHV

These presses are designed according to the main pressing traditions for fermented grape to obtain premium wines, using the basic principles for a delicate treatment of the grape, avoiding herbaceous flavours through unwanted breakages.

The extraction is controlled by a total control of the time, pressure and pressing speed, that provides a uniform flow throughout the mass, preventing oxidation and obtaining bright and filtered wines.

All of these characteristics have been compared in analytic studies and organoleptic evaluations in internationally renowned wineries.


PV 10HL / PV 20HL / PV 26HL


♦ Intelligent programme with 3 variables: time, pressure and speed adaptable to any pressing needs.

Base and upper bolster joined by two columns.

♦ Easy cleaning stainless steel pressing plate.

♦ Hydraulic operation by special double-acting cylinder to achieve minimum speeds, avoiding the formation of must pockets in the pressed mass.

♦ Wooden or stainless steel basket (according to the clients needs)

Tray with enough capacity to avoid must projections and overflows, with butterfly joint key NW50..

Control panel with touch screen.

Option I : Basket elevation system incorporated (only for the Inox basket in one piece).

Option II : Wheels system.

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