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The Marzola Rugby Rioja team, an example of humanity

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If we are proud to sponsor the Marzola Rugby Rioja team year after year, we can not but rejoice and admire the generosity and maturity shown by the players of the U-12 team in their last match.

In the link below you can read a new that has had echo at the national level (spanish):
A rugby story, a life lesson.

La Rioja team has once again demonstrated the same values with which we work in Marzola: strength, team spirit, ethics and responsibility.

We were left with these words of the coach of the Gaztedi, the rival team, to the children of the Marzola Rugby Club Rioja. “Guys, you’re too young to understand what you’ve done. When these two children arrive home, the first thing they will tell their parents is that they have achieved a trial. This will not only motivate them to continue playing but, when told to other children like them, will attract them to practice rugby. With gestures like these you help us too. Thank you very much for what you have done, thanks to your coaches and thanks to the Marzola Rugby Club Rioja, you are very great! “.


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